Maggie Slighte

Maggie (she/her)

Writer / Advocate / Producer

Maggie Slighte is finishing her first book, The Car That Ran on Prayers, full of her testimony of Jesus Christ, the power of prayer and her membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After being baptized at the age of 46, in 2013, Maggie began blogging her testimony of Jesus Christ and her spiritual journey at Sister Maggie.

Maggie is open about the fact she is constantly  challenged both by her physical and mental disabilities. She is a loud disabled disabilities in her power chair.

When she isn’t writing or chasing caregivers and her two dogs, Athena and Ruger Bear (sometimes heard in the background of Strangers No More) around her apartment, Maggie video calls with her grandchildren longing to hug them again.

To read more of Maggie’s Testimony, head over to Sister Maggie.

To read other writing from Maggie Slighte, visit her author website:

Social media has been Maggie’s way to communicate with her friends since disabilities became more severe. She is very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and loves to interact with her audience there!

As mentioned on one of our recent episodes, Maggie has recently joined TikTok as well.

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