About Strangers No More

The Strangers No More hosts invite ALL!

Our Mission Statement is:

We will support, protect, befriend, and love members of the Latter-day LGBTQIA+ community.

Encouraging conversation that is both faith-inspiring and queer-affirming centered on Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Strangers No More is a weekly show hosted by Latter-day Saint writers discussing their studies of “Come Follow Me,” and their experiences and trials living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Started as four strangers, all of the hosts of Strangers No More are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They range in age from 23 to 54 with a WIDE range of world and church experience.

All four of the Season Two hosts identify as LGBTQIA+.

Mental and physical challenges are not strange to the hosts. Maggie is neurodiverse and physically disabled. Her resume includes living without a roof to call her own for seven and a half years.

All of the hosts are open with their experiences in the world and their struggles with mental and physical challenges as they occur.

Together the Strangers discuss living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as strangers to one another and The Church, no longer.

π—›π—Όπ˜€π˜π˜€ Kate Mower, Dennis Schleicher, Bradley Talbot & Maggie Slighte

π—˜π—±π—Άπ˜π—²π—± π—―π˜† Maggie Slighte
π—£π—Ώπ—Όπ—±π˜‚π—°π—²π—± π—―π˜† Maggie Slighte

π— π˜‚π˜€π—Άπ—° “This Little Light of Mine”

Our History

Strangers No More was given by inspiration from the Holy Spirit in the summer of 2020, in the midst of a lockdown.

The whisper first came to Maggie Slighte, who shared it with Dennis Schleicher, both authors. They prayed about the possibility of an LGBTQIA+ friendly approach that was inclusive to all who may feel disenfranchised in their fellowship with The Church, to the Come Follow Me Curriculum they were using to study the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Andrew Mair offered to edit the episodes, but soon became interested enough to co-host the show for the first season of 2021.

The third person to receive the whisperings of The Spirit and the textings of Maggie was Bradley Talbot. Bradley posted on social media, offering to teach a similar program, and Maggie saw it and offered him an opportunity to join with three other “strangers.”

When Andrew was forced by increasing job commitments to leave Strangers No More at the end of Season One, Bradley suggested Kate Mower join the cast for Season Two.

Maggie, Bradley and Dennis were overjoyed when Kate Mower agreed to sign on as a fourth host.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions about the show or any input on our programs.

Thank you for your interest!

Not So Strange?

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