Season One is Done

We have published our final episodes that were recorded this summer.

As a podcast and YouTube show, we stumbled a bit this summer, but we will be publishing content afresh in September with a new season and a slightely different format!

Producing a show from inspiration of revelation is an interesting concept. The producer (Maggie) and all of the hosts received revelation about a few significant changes in our show’s cast this summer and it took a bit to coordinate those revelations and understand what was happening.

We apologize for any confusion that spread to our audience this summer. We THANK YOU for sticking with us through those times and want to announce some big changes for the season ahead.

September will bring with it a new start for Strangers No More, with a slightly different format and a change in hosts!

We really appreciate Andrew Mair’s assistance in editing and hosting the first season. As his new job has added responsibilities, he has decided to leave as a regular host. We wish him all the best and have extended an invitation to him to join us for specials as he can.

Editing responsibilities have been transferred to Maggie Slighte, compiling the production and editing into one.

In September we will welcome our new host, a PhD Candidate in Romanian History, Kate Mower. Kate uses she/they/them pronouns and is allowing us all some important practice in using singular they/them pronouns!

We will be sharing a few short videos/podcasts of each of our Testimonies as an introduction for Season 2.

Please be on the lookout!

And finally, our logo has CHANGING slighte-ly 😊

Maggie has finished a new and updated logo for Strangers!

So much for the new

We’ve embedded the last episode from Season One below and invite you to please SUBSCRIBE and “hit the bell” so you are informed when we upload Season Two!!

Thank you so much for being a part of our Strangers family. We hope that your week ahead is full of the Love and Lighte of Jesus Christ.

We love all of you.

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