Elvis and Sacrifice

As we head into the week when RootsTech will be free and completely online for the first time ever, three of the four hosts were in the mood to talk about their family history!

Week 9 Come Follow Me lesson, “The Worth of Souls,” found the hosts harkening through their ancestries for their worth!

Dennis was in RARE form during this particular episode. Even if you usually enjoy our podcast form, we encourage your to check out the video JUST to watch Dennis’s antics. It was a bit distracting, though, even for the hosts.

During the roundtable of the week’s events, Bradley shared some facinating questions he asked his new Bishopric.

Dennis started talking about his family history experiences with Relative Finder and then Andrew and Maggie both shared about their relationships to Elvis Presley.

Three of the hosts had no idea of Andrew’s background with Elvis.

In a surprising preview of how the strangers will be discussing the Word of Wisdom this summer, alcohol and cannabis were discussed as subjects of choices and what we sacrafice to bring souls to God.

Watch below and you’ll see!

Download the transcript

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