The Witness Significance

This week as Maggie, Dennis, Andrew and Bradley fought their way through technical difficulties to share their impressions of Week 8 Come Follow Me lesson, “Stand as a Witness,” they were all witnesses to God’s hand.

Dennis experienced a revelation during our opening prayer and was so excited he didn’t even wait to be introduced!

Bradley shared some interesting happenings from Color the Campus and Andrew updated us with his Ward’s unique approach to their Ward Mission Plan!

Maggie was busy the week before this was recorded, presenting this podcast to her Relief Society via PowerPoint and Zoom.

During the lesson, all four hosts shared their unique answers to the question, “What is a witness,” while Andrew shared a story of a witness to the Book of Mormon we don’t often hear about!

Unless you thought we were finished with Christmas (not going to happen with Mr. Christmas on the Zoom panel), Andrew shares a story about having seen Santa Claus as a child. What does this have to do with our Come Follow Me lesson?

Watch below and you’ll see!

Download the transcript

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